Santa Cause Updates
Nov 10, 2016
  Registration for the 2016 DFW Santa Cause is now open!
Nov 9, 2016
  The 2016 DFW Santa Cause will be on Saturday, Dec. 3rd in Dallas. Stay tuned for more information, registration will be open very soon!
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Dallas Event - Saturday, December 3rd 2016
$50 (no t-shirt)$60 (includes t-shirt)

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Bus Placement

Since every Santa wants to be on the bus with all of their Santa-friends, we are allowing you to create a group and send out the group name and password to all your friends. Or, if one of your friends has already started a group, you can sign up for that one.

Choose one of the options below:
Option 1: Sign Up With an Existing Group of Santas

You have a friend(s) that already have already started a group and have given you the group name/password. This will ensure that you will be on the same bus with your group of friends. Choose your group below and enter the group password to complete your registration.
  Group Name: Group Password:
Option 2: Create a New Group of Santas

Choose this option if you do not have any friends that have registered yet, but you would like to start a new group and invite your friends to join your group. The maximum size of a group is 50 as there cannot be any more than 50 santas on one bus. Once a group reaches 50, nobody else will be able to sign up with that group. You will receive an email with your group name and password that you can forward to your friends. Hint: Work something unique into your group name such as your last name or your school's mascot or something.
  Group Name: Group Password:
Option 3: This Santa is Rolling Solo!

We like you're style! We'll put you on a bus and you'll have a blast meeting new santa-friends.

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