Santa Cause Updates
Nov 10, 2016
  Registration for the 2016 DFW Santa Cause is now open!
Nov 9, 2016
  The 2016 DFW Santa Cause will be on Saturday, Dec. 3rd in Dallas. Stay tuned for more information, registration will be open very soon!
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Q: How does the new "groups" thing work with registration?
A: In the past we asked you to specify who your group of friends was, then we manually assigned (or tried to assign) you to the same bus with your friends. This year we implemented the groups functionality so that you can create a group and send the group name/password to your friends, or join a group that one of your friends already created. Joining that group will ensure that youa re on the same bus with your friends. The maximum size of a group is 50 and it will be cut off when it reaches that size.

Q: What if I started a group and then another one of my friends started another group? We want to be on the same bus!
A: We can merge the groups together as long as both creators of the groups are cool with it and as long as the new group is 50 or smaller. Otherwise, if both groups still fit on one bus, no problem! Just let us know and we'll get both groups on the same bus. We're easy like that.

Q: I went to register but none of my friends have registered yet, so there is no group for me to join?
A: Start your group, silly! You'll get an email that you can forward to all your friends with the group name/password on it. They'll follow suit and register right behind you.

Q: Is your credit card processing secure?
A: Of course it is! We use Authorize.net, the standard for web CC processing. Feel free to check by clicking the seal below.
Electronic Check Processing

Q: What time does the pub crawl start?
A: Usually, the buses depart the first bar somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00pm. This means that you must arrive at the first bar AND be checked in by that time. IT DOES NOT MEAN SHOW UP 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE BUS LEAVES. The first bar is part of the pub crawl! Arrive early and enjoy it! We encourage all Santas to arrive early at 6:00pm. If you are registered, you will receive an email whith the EXACT starting time as soon as we know it (usually about a week before the event).

Q: When do you post the bus routes?
A: We don't! We like to leave that as part of the fun. We will of course send out the starting bar as soon as we know it, as well as the ending bar so you can plan accordingly.

Q: Why are the donation amounts locked in?
A: In previous years, all we asked was to give what you could give and you would be considred registered. However, there is a minimum cost per person that must be covered before a true "donation" is made at all. By locking in the price per person we ensure that everyone makes a generous donation and nobody donates less than their share.

Q: Why should I register early?
A: Two reasons: The first is that it is cheaper. The price goes up every two weeks. The second is that it helps us to plan ahead and make the event as great as possible. REGISTER EARLY!

Q: Does the DFW Santa Cause provide any beverages to participants?
A: Absolutely not. The DFW Santa Cause has never provided beverages ot any kind to any participants. Participants are responsible for purchasing their own beverages throughout the night, if they so choose.

Q: Where do the proceeds go?
A: The purpose of this event is for friends to get together, have a good time and raise money during this giving time of year to a wonderful charity. For 2016, the proceeds will go to CARPOOL, an organization that provides a safe, free ride home at college campuses around the nation.

Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?
A: Yes! The Point 08 Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation. Receipts will be emailed out to all contributors. For more information on the Point 08 Foundation, please visit our website: www.point08foundation.org

Q: Do people really wear Santa Costumes?
A: Yes! That's the whole fun of it! Wanna come as one of Santa's elves? Fantastic. Have a friend with a really bright red nose that you want to drag around on a leash all night? Get him a reindeer costume. Mrs. Clause, Santa's secret mistress, The Grinch, Elvis Santa, Former Reality TV Star Santa, whatever you can come up with, ANYTHING WORKS. Check out the pictures page for more ideas of what people have done in the past.

Q: Where can I find a Santa Costume?
A: Party City, Target, Taco Bueno. You get the idea. Search the Internet. Be creative. You can come up with a fully-functional costume for next to nothing, or you could spend $100's. Just keep in mind that we do this for charity; you could always spend less on your costume and donate even more.

Q: What do I have to provide?
A: You need to be dressed in whatever you feel is Santa style and provide a monetary donation that will go to CARPOOL.

Q: What will I receive for attending?
A: A hangover, probably, plus you get to travel around DFW in a big yellow bus going bar hopping with other Santas ready to party. Most importantly, however, we want everyone to enjoy a sense of giving to a worthy charity during the holiday season.

Q: What if I have another Christmas party?
A: First of all, it's Dec. 3rd. What kind of Christmas Party do you have on Dec. 3rd? I'll tell you! The 13th Annual DFW Santa Cause! The hype of this event has been building for two years now and space is going to be limited. We'll have full buses whether you decide to go to your other party or not.

Q: Can I invite other friends?
A: Yes just please invite responsible people that will have fun. Bring a date or friend, but you must register them or make sure they register themselves. EARLY. The Dallas event normally sells out in about a week. Space is limited. If you have friends that are afraid to commit to anything more than 4 hours into the future then make sure they know they might just miss the bus. Literally.

Q: When will we know where we are going throughout the night?
A: Well that takes all the fun out of it! We are continually working with bars to organize the schedule, sometimes up until a few days before. Just enjoy the ride and you'll have a blast!



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